Grid Alternatives Solar Install

I spent a weekend volunteering to install solar panels on low-income housing with Grid AlternativesThe panels we have installed will provide the family with green power and will lower their electricity bills. This gives the family additional money in their pockets for things like food and clothes for their kids and savings for college. 

By installing this 2-kW solar system in Saba Takleab's home were able to offset 64.32 tons of carbon, the equivalent of planting 1,512 trees. The solar panels will save the homeowners an estimated $20,842.00 over the system's lifetime. 

GRID Alternatives is planning to have 1000 women on rooftops this year as part of a national effort to bring more women into the solar industry and also support women already working in the field. You can learn more about our Women in Solar Initiative at www.gridalternatives.org/women.

Jeff (left), Grid Alternatives team leader with Saba Takleab (right), homeowner 


Honored to receive the Care2 Impact Award

Learned of Care2 when they wrote about my grandmother, Esperanza Garcia, in 2006. Last month at the Women in Green, I had the great honor to be awarded the Care 2 Impact award.  Past honorees of the Care2 Impact award have been Hunter LovinsAlexandra Cousteau, and Dr. Sylvia A. Earle

When I had received a call last month from Care2 to inform me that they wanted to honor the Care2 Impact Award at Women in Green Forum to me. My immediate reaction was to tell Care2 that there were far more people who are more deserving than I, for this. In my speech I told their story. International Youth Council UN Major Group for Children and YouthInternational Youth Climate Movement Philippine Youth Climate MovementClimate Wise Women C-100- I honor this award to you. 

In the article that Care2 had written of my grandmother, Esperanza Garcia, in 2006, my grandmother had said: "When I was a little girl I asked my father why they called me Esperanza. And he said that Esperanza means hope, and that when I was born I was the hope of the family. So when I grew up I started using my name for that: I hoped to become a lawyer, to get married to a good and loving husband and to have beautiful children. And then I hoped to help improving the quality of life of all Filipinos." She says in her Care2 interview. She dreamed and dreamed and worked hard to make her dreams reality. I hope to do the same.

CSR Press Release

Esperanza Garcia To Be Honored With Care2 Impact Award at 5th Annual Women In Green Forum

Submitted by:Care2
Posted:Aug 25, 2014 – 11:06 AM EST
Los Angelas, CA, Aug. 25 /CSRwire/ - 
Esperanza Garcia To Be Honored With Care2 Impact Award at 5th Annual Women In Green Forum
 August 22, 2014
 Care2 will award the Care2 Impact Award to Esperanza Garcia August 26 at the 5th Annual Women in Green Forum. The Care2 Impact Award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding impact in sustainability, human rights, animal welfare, women’s rights, and other issues that make the world a better place. 
"Care2 has been changing the world advocating for socially responsible causes, empowering others to lead a sustainable lifestyles, and helping to solve the climate change challenge. Our youth have proven to be constructive partners in building a climate change movement and empowering others in leading sustainable lives. With our work in the International Youth Climate Movement, I have seen a generation with an increasingly strong sense of social and environmental awareness. We are encouraging sustainable lifestyles, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, creating national climate change educational programs and campaigns, and building adaptive capacity and resilience. Youth are not the leaders of tomorrow. We are the leaders of today."
 “We’re honored to present Esperanza Garcia with the Care2 Environmental Impact Award for her impact on climate change and sustainable development” said Randy Paynter, founder and president of Care2. “Ms. Garcia shows the power every individual has to make a difference, which we celebrate daily on Care2.com."
At the young age of 27, Garcia has already made a significant impact on sustainable development and climate change education by launching three successful organizations. She is co-founder of the International Youth Council, which has provided educational resources and leadership opportunities to thousands of young global leaders. She developed and managed the International Youth Council, assisting more than 10,000 young global leaders supporting sustainable development projects. Finally, she is founder of the Philippine Youth Climate Movement, which educated and mobilized over 50,000 students by raising climate change awareness and environmental activism in Philippine schools.
Garcia worked as a consultant for South-South News, where she collaborated with key diplomatic UN officials in project development and organized high-level events with heads of states, first ladies, ambassadors, and other key public and private managers. She organized the Youth Assembly at the UN, the South-South awards during the General Assembly, Conference of Youth during the UN Climate Change Conference.
Garcia holds a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture & Design with a focus on sustainable design from the Academy of Art University. She's also an alum of Columbia University's innovative Sustainability Management graduate program. Garcia has acquired and fine-tuned valuable training and skills in financial management, environmental science, quantitative analysis, research and public policy.  
 ** About Care2 **
Care2 (www.Care2.com) is a community of 25 million standing together for good. A pioneer of online advocacy in 1998, Care2 petitions have helped individuals, animals and the environment at both the local and international levels. Care2 is a B Corporation, or social enterprise, using the power of business as a force for good.
** About The Women In Green Forum **
The Women In Green Forum, produced by Three Squares Inc., is the premier event for professionals from all aspects of the environmental industry to discuss the latest clean tech innovations, develop powerful professional networks, and build upon each other’s successes. The Forum is the largest international conference for women in environmental careers.
For more information on the Women in Green Forum and to view a complete agenda, please visit http://www.womeningreenforum.com.
For more information, please contact:
Marya Gomez Vice President, Products
Phone: 650-385-8850
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Women in Green - Youth TrailBlazer

Women in Green was founded by Jaime Nack to highlight women's impact in environmental industry and encourage more women into the field. I'm incredibly honored to be recognized by Women in Green and Three Squares Inc. to receive the Youth Trailblazer Award this month. I don't think I've done enough to deserve recognition, there's still so much that needs to be done, and I always think that someone out there is more deserving.

In my early teen years, I once was, scared, insecure and questioned the impact I could make in this world. Once I pursued my goals and dreams despite being told not to continue my climate change pursuits, and excelled in my passions, it made me realize that anyone can make a difference.  I hope to inspire more young people, especially, women, to fight for what they believe in. 

Discovering, fuelling, and excelling in my passion has given me confidence and made me realize my potential in making a global impact in the the work that I have done with my friends and colleagues, we have mobilized youth from all over the world and played a part in inspiring global action.

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Esperanza Garcia to Receive Youth Trailblazer Award at the 5th Annual Women In Green Forum

Esperanza Garcia, a UN delegate and globally renowned climate change leader, will be honored with the Women In Green Forum Youth Trailblazer Award for her international efforts to advocate young people’s engagement in environmental sustainability.

Women In Green Forum Youth Trailblazer Awardee, Esperanza Garcia
Women In Green Forum Youth Trailblazer Awardee, Esperanza Garcia
PRLog - Jul. 24, 2014 - The 5th Annual Women in Green Forum, taking place August 26th at the Luxe Sunset Blvd. Hotel in Los Angeles, is pleased to announce that Esperanza Garcia will be honored with the Women In Green Forum Youth Trailblazer Award. The Youth Trailblazer Award recognizes the contributions of a young leader who has made an outstanding impact in the areas of climate change, sustainable development, and human rights.

“Engaging with the youth of today, I have seen a generation with an increasingly strong sense of social and environmental awareness, one that is taking action,” said Garcia. “Youth are not the leaders of tomorrow. We are the leaders of today.”

Just age 27, Garcia has already launched three successful organizations focusing on sustainable development and climate change education. She is Co-Founder of the International Youth Council, which has provided educational resources and leadership opportunities to thousands of young global leaders, Founding President of the Columbia University Coalition for Sustainable Development, and Founder of the Philippine Youth Climate Movement, which raises climate change awareness in Philippine schools to over 50,000 students.

In addition to spearheading these international development groups, Garcia served as a negotiator and official delegate of the Philippines at the UN Climate Change Conference. She has worked as a consultant for South-South News (SSN), the Philippine Senate, and the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, which organizes the Youth Assembly at the United Nations.

Garcia is currently focused on International Business Development at Sungevity, one of the world’s leading and fastest growing residential solar companies. In addition to this work, she is building the Renewable Energy Roadmap as a fellow of the Office of the President Philippine Climate Change Commission and Worldwatch Institute.

“We are thrilled that Esperanza Garcia will accept the Youth Trailblazer Award at the 5th Annual Women In Green Forum,” said Jaime Nack, President of Three Squares Inc., the environmental consulting firm responsible for developing the conference. “The Women In Green Forum’s mission is to honor and celebrate environmental innovators like Ms. Garcia and inspire future generations toward careers in environmental sustainability.”

In addition to Garcia’s award acceptance, the Forum will offer a dynamic lineup of panels, skill-building workshops, and keynote presentations. Featured speakers range from Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin, who will discuss environmental stewardship at the neighborhood level, to Greta Eagan, a trendsetter in the world of eco fashion and beauty. The Forum will also feature a Wellness Lounge, showcasing the latest eco products and services, and a clean vehicle Ride and Drive, where attendees will have the opportunity to test drive vehicles including the Honda Fit EV and FCX Clarity.

**About The Women In Green Forum**

The Women In Green Forum, produced by Three Squares Inc., is the premier event for professionals from all aspects of the environmental industry to discuss the latest clean tech innovations, develop powerful professional networks, and build upon each other’s successes. The Forum is the largest international conference for women in environmental careers.

For more information on the Women in Green Forum and to view a complete agenda, please visithttp://www.womeningreenforum.com.


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Worldwatch Insitute Blog: Designing a Sustainable Energy Roadmap for the Philippines


Climate change has been a constant reality for many Filipinos, with impacts ranging from extreme weather events to periodic droughts and food scarcity. The most affected populations are coastal residents and rural communities that lack proper disaster preparedness.
Tacloban City after Typhoon Haiyan.
Credit: The Guardian
According to the Center for Global Development, the Philippines is the world’s fourth most vulnerable country to the direct impacts of extreme weather events. Averaging20 tropical cyclones a year, it may be the world’s most storm-exposed nation. Last November, Supertyphoon Haiyan, the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded, claimed more than 10,000 lives, affected over 9 million people, and left over 600,000 Filipinos homeless. With both the oceans and the atmosphere warming, there is broad scientific consensus that typhoons are now increasing in strength.
Like most developing countries, the Philippines plays a minor role in global carbon emissions yet suffers an inordinately higher cost. With over a third of its population living in poverty, the country emits just 0.9 metric tons of carbon per capita, compared to the United States’ 17.6 metric tons. “We lose 5% of our economy every year to storms,” observes Philippine Climate Change Commissioner Naderev Sano. The reconstruction costs of Haiyan alone are estimated at $5.8 billion.
As the Philippines embarks on a long road to recovery, sustainability is key for post-Haiyan rebuilding. “We must build back better and more resilient communities,” says Senator Loren Legarda, chair of the Philippines’ Senate Committee on Climate Change, who was named a Regional Champion by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. “We must prevent disasters and be prepared for the next natural hazards. This disaster also tells us about the urgent need to save and care for our environment.”
Bangui Wind Farm. Credit: Erik De Castro/Reuters
It is widely argued that taking early action against climate change through mitigation efforts outweigh the costs and economic impacts of inaction. In the Philippines, transitioning to a low-carbon economy has many challenges, but it also offers strong prospects for growth and development. The country has tremendous mitigation opportunities and is graced with significant renewable energy resources. According to the Philippine Department of Energy, renewable energy already provides 40 percent of the country’s primary energy requirements, and much of its potential has yet to be tapped.
To achieve an environmentally secure future, the Philippines must not only rebuild more sustainably but also create a sustainable pathway for future development. With one of the most progressive energy laws in Asia, the country has committed to a renewable energy target of 50 percent by 2030 under its Renewable Energy Act.
In 2013, the Office of the President’s Climate Change Commission (CCC), the primary executive office working on climate change, began a partnership with the Worldwatch Institute to lay groundwork for a Sustainable Energy Roadmap for the
Senator Heherson Alvarez from the Climate Change Commision meets with Esperanza Garcia to discuss creating a Philippinies Sustainable Energy Roadmap and communication project with Worldwatch.
Philippines, which aims to shift its electricity system to 100 percent renewable energy within a decade. The CCC also invited Worldwatch to help develop an education and outreach campaign on “communicating climate change” to boost environmental literacy and political support for addressing climate change within the country.
Worldwatch is already working on Sustainable Energy Roadmaps for the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Central America, and 15 CARICOM member states, and is eager to assist the Philippine government in building a sustainable pathway that addresses the country’s specific development goals. Many of the world’s developing countries have incredible potential to alleviate poverty through accelerated economic growth while also improving people’s quality of life through sustainable development. The Worldwatch-Philippines partnership aspires to move the country toward developing and deploying low-carbon technologies in order to achieve the deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that are needed to mitigate future climate-related risks.


Featured on Financial Times "Investing in Young People" series

Young innovators promote charity and creativity 

Profiles by Justin Cash

Bohol Youth Convention 2014

I have attended and organized many youth conventions. From the 30 Climate Hero Forums in the Philippines to the Youth Assembly at the UN HQ in NYC. This youth forum holds a special place in my heart. In these past few months, I have been watching Boholana beauty queen, Anna Maris Igpit move and inspire our country and the world through her efforts in leading Oplan Bangon Bohol. Inspired by Rappler's Social Good Summit in the Philippines, she wanted to go to her hometown and empower the young people in Bohol to become change makers by "providing them the right knowledge, information, understanding to shape role models in the communities and capacitate them to impact communities and contribute in Nation-Building in the country."Bohol was hit by the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck last October, and was also impacted by the recent Typhoon Haiyan last December. Anna Igpit has been a strong force in rebuilding and rehabilitating her hometown and neighboring cities in the Philippines – and she wants the young generation of Bohol to move their city in the right direction!

She brought passionate, brilliant, driven, inspiring leaders together
together to inspire the young Boholanos: Rappler’s Maria Ressa, CNN Hero Efren PeƱaflorida, Jr., Nation-Builder, Alex Lacson Alex Lacson, and more.

Rebuilding Haiyan-hit Elementary School and Planting Trees with Family

Every year, since 2009, my family plants trees in our grandparents farm in Barili to celebrate the new year. Look how much they've grown!

This year, we also visited Malapascua, an island leveled out by Typhoon Haiyan. When I visited Malapascua to do relief work with friends from NYC a month after Haiyan had hit, we visited an elementary school which was destroyed by Haiyan. Two of six classrooms were destroyed, and most of the classrooms' roofing had holes. The North Guimbatayan elementary school was not receiving any help at the time- and children were not studying in the safest conditions. I came home and told my family. My family and I visited the school two days after Christmas. Inspired by Bundles of Joy and Letters of Hope, we brought bundles of Joy for all the children in school. These eco-friendly bags  had school supplies, crayons, notebooks, books, and hygiene kits. We also helped rebuild the school.

Helping others and making a difference are the best memories I will have with my family.

“For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be: what is once well done is done forever...”
 Henry David Thoreau